2022-23 District Grant Application
The 2022-23 District Grant Application is now available! Full package and detailed information can be found HERE. Application deadline is May 14, 2022.
For Single Club Project:
2. Current club president to complete Single Club Project Application
3. Current President-Elect (2022-23 President) to complete Single Club PE Attestation
For Large Scale Multi-Club Club Project:
2. Current primary sponsor club president to complete the Large Scale Multi-Club Project Application
3. All President-Elect (2022-23 President) to complete Large Scale Multi-Club PE Attestation
This is intended to be a very simple process. If for any reason you have questions about how to qualify and/or complete the process please contact District Rotary Foundation Chair Mike Polasek at mpolasek@outlook.com
As always, we are here to help you achieve your goals and DO GOOD in the world.