What is RYLA?
RYLA is a five-day conference for sophomores in high school throughout the Hudson Valley, which teaches the importance of positivity, confidence and leadership.  Through unique icebreakers, fun-filled events, and interactive presentations from special guests, students walk away with countless memories and valuable knowledge - many RYLA alum have credited the conference with their success in college and in their careers.  RYLA continues to inspire students to shape their communities year after year.

RYLA 2022

Qualified candidates are high school students finishing their sophomore year who demonstrate the potential to benefit from a program designed to nurture and instill confidence in their leadership skills and abilities. The RYLA Team has altered the number of conferees that Rotary clubs can sponsor for RYLA 2022:  this year, each club may sponsor up to 3 conferees, and they may add up to 2 conferees to the waitlist. The cost is $450 per student.  

The deadline for applications is May 1, 2022.
Download the 2022 RYLA Application HERE.

For help with the application, the RYLA team made a video that you can check out here: https://vimeo.com/514084807
Click here to view the RYLA website which includes information on all aspects of the conference along with pictures and videos galore (and was completely built by conferees)!
Branden Figueroa, Conference Chair
Josh Jordan, Co-Executive Director
Lauren Steinitz, Co-Executive Director